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The Strong Mom Method

The Issue With Fitness & Lifestyle Programs

Most fitness and health programs try to sell you the ‘overnight-pill’ that doesn’t work, and when it doesn’t work, they blame YOU for not seeing results. They say you’re lazy and that you didn’t show up, and even if that may true on some days you knew you gave it everything you could.

However, it is not your fault that you were never taught how to fix your mindset… the single biggest determiner of success in any program.

You were given a “plan” or a “workout” but you weren’t training and automating your mind so that motivation was never a problem.

When you align your body, heart, & mind you will be unstoppable.
Your transformation will be effortless and your confidence and self love will be overflowing. We have the exact support system and coaching to keep you progressing every step of the way.

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The Strong

The Strong Mom Method™ helps you with everything when it comes to regaining your Mind, Body and ultimately, your Life. We’ll walk you One-on-One through the entire process, with group support and live calls to give you a boost through the training modules.

Now…is this a magic ‘pill’ you just take and fix everything overnight? No. There’s no such pill. It takes determination and commitment, but there is no point in working your butt off with no actual plan or success roadmap to follow. That’s where the Strong Mom Method™ comes in.


success stories

Others Make Promises…
i Deliver yOU Results

Who is this for?

This is for moms who want to regain the fire, the excitement, the LOVE of life that stretches more than just being visible to her family and invisible to herself.

This is also for moms who:

Who is behind The Strong Mom Method™ ?

Hi, I’m Lauren Regula.

If you’re tired of things that don’t work, trust me, I have been there, done that, all while being a high performer. I have three kids, I am training for my third Olympics, I run a business with my husband and if I can find the time to take care of myself, so can anyone!

After learning from the best nutritionists, and mental and physical coaches in the entire world during my Olympic adventures, and I am excited to pass my learnings along in my program.

Since 2014 Lauren has been able to help hundreds (and counting) of moms:

Are you ready to get your mojo back and
start living the life you deserve?

As you saw above, we’ve done this with hundreds of women from all over North America and with tremendous results, if you want to experience the same transformation…Just click the button below and apply to work with us today!

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Simply put, Strong Mom works from the inside out to give you truly world-class body AND mindset transformation. Weight loss happens without focusing on losing weight. Oh…and our program was built by a 3x Olympian, 3x Mom, and 2x Business Owner who suffered through and beat postpartum depression. It’s as real as it gets.

Of course you do! Your coach will get to know the ins and outs of your life and be there to support you 1:1 along your journey. Imagine having a life-coach, personal training, and mentor there for you daily.

Nope. Many of our moms workout at home with little to no exercise equipment. We can  get you strong, flexible, and toned no matter where you workout.

It’s pain-free and simple. You only need to click HERE and book a quick 10-min Clarity Call. It’s 100% FREE and will give you an idea if we are the right fit for each other. If you are here though, there is a good chance this is for you. If you’re a good fit for the program we’ll schedule you for a 45min zoom call with an enrollment specialist where we can answer ALL of your questions and help you understand exactly how the Strong Mom Method will change your life. When you pass with flying colors and are offered a spot in the program, you’ll get matched up with your personal coach and be off to the races from there…

Ummm…you have to eat real food. No shakes or teas or premade (disgusting) meals here. Because you are making this transformation for good, you will learn how to eat things you enjoy along the way.

Yes, we get this question all the time. It seems too good to be true to some women that have been burned by the fitness industry over and over. I can assure you that it is all very real and we have all the testimonials to back it up.

Mindset is the foundation to your transformation. It is what drives your behaviors and can make your transformation seem effortless. Without working on your mindset you’ll be stuck on the diet hamster wheel forever. Imagine being able to handle everything that life throws at you while never feeling the need for motivation again.

All of the women in our program have busy careers. One of the things that makes my program unique is that it is built specifically for moms like you. You face unique challenges and need a program to fit into your life, not to fit your life into a program. The reality is that you are getting the same systems I used to optimize my life while building two companies, managing my family, AND training for my third Olympics.

Well that’s where we come in. We’ll customize your training and our app is loaded with videos teaching you the proper movements to become the healthiest and STRONGEST mom you can be.

YES, Your customized plan will fit your family and they will benefit just like you.  We have had husbands lose 30+lbs just following along with their wives.

As Steven R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People said, “To know and not do is not to know.” The reality is that if you have Google, you “know what to do”. But unless you know HOW to do the “what”, you will never sustain any amount of change. Our focus is on giving you the tools to implement a “what” that fits precisely into your specific situation.

The custom mindset, fitness, and nutrition plans we design are based on your individual situation and life. We will help you fit everything in seamlessly so that you actually find yourself having MORE time instead of less.

Of course there is a guarantee. All of our Strong Moms collaborate with their personal coach to set an achievable weight-loss goal. If you do not hit the goal at the end of your program, we will continue to coach you for free until you do.

Great question. Your husband or partner gave us your name. Ok, just kidding that would be a little weird…but we are lucky to have found each other. I do believe that you are here for a reason though. It’s no coincidence that you’ve stumbled upon me and the best program in the world for transforming the minds and bodies of moms with busy careers.

Well…you can…BUT we do our best work with moms as it’s who I am. Moms have specific challenges and we have unique solutions for those exact problems. Also…it can get really annoying to listen to moms talk about kids if you don’t have any. Just sayin’.

I mean that you will meet 1:1 with one of our coaches and they will get to know you and all facets of your life. Your specific likes/dislikes, challenges, and unique situations. They will learn about your access to a gym, your history with weight loss, and your schedule. We take all of that into account as we give you mindset work, exercise plans, and nutrition guidance that will literally change your life.

Of course. Do you get to eat them every night? No. I have to keep it real here. But you already knew that. One of the secrets of Strong Mom is learning how to self-regulate these things in a way that you can enjoy every ounce of life while also having the body that you’ve literally been day-dreaming of for years.

You can continue to wear your baggy, oversized clothes even though they are falling off of you. We are also not responsible for making the large dropoff of clothes you will make to goodwill after time in our program.

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